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'Nullabour Mountain Boys' Bluegrass

The bluegrass band ‘Nullabour Mountain Boys’ are coming to town!!! Friday June 26th at Manjimup Repertory Theatre.

The Nullarbor Mountain Boys features well known West Australian acoustic sensations straying from their usual pastures and the roundup includes Andrew “Slim” Winton, “Rodeo” Rod Vervest, Charlie “The Sheriff” McCarthy, Dave “Dangerfield” Clarke, Russell “The Rustler” Holmes and “Badlands” Bob Thomson.

Playing songs and melodies from the good’ol pickin’ days of the Wild West, along with some tunes of a more local flavour, these renegades are sure to entertain you with their scintillating musical wizardry – and plenty of bad dad jokes.

The Warren Arts Council has corralled them for your listening pleasure and for just $25 you can catch them at the Manjimup Repertory Theatre on Friday June 26th. Show starts at 7 pm and doors open at 6.30.

Tickets on sale now – online at www.ticketebo.com.au/nullarbormountainboysmanjimup or at the Manjimup Visitors’ Centre – cash only and no phone bookings.

Friday June 26th is the start of the Truffle Kerfuffle weekend so why not invite your friends and family and start a great weekend with this fabulous bluegrass concert?

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