Anglers Rolling in Clover

Scott Coglan, the Fishing columist for the Sunday Times has been a keen fly fisherman for a long while.  A few months ago Scott  and Matt Lilly  took time out to  fly fish  on Paul’s new trophy lake.   Scott’s recent article in the  Sunday Times (dated Jan2 2011) speaks very postively about the experience.

 This was Scott’s  second  visit to the lake and  Paul had since  introduced more Rainbows and a batch of Brown Trout to the waters. 

“The improvement in the fishing in the dam over such a short period is nothing short of phenomenal and Thomsett is well on the track to his goal of creating a top class fishery, such is its potential”, quotes Scott.  (Sunday Times  2 Jan2011)

Over the two nights fishing plenty of trout were hooked or caught by the fishermen and in good condition.

“The first night we hooked 20 trout and caught about six……four big trout being around 2 kg….offering a fine tassle. .. The fish we caught were in superb condition …evidenced by the the fact one fish took me to the backing, almost unheard of in all my trout fishing experiences in WA.”"  quotes Scott.

There is no shortage of natural food for the trout in the dam with plenty of tadpoles and minnows in the water and insect life around the shore line.  This has helped  fatten the trout  and  encouraged them to adapt well to the natural habitat. 

Matt Lilly took advantage of the feeding frenzy  when the insects were swarming  and landed the biggest rainbow Scott believes he had ever seen.   A  black woolly bugger fly  was used to snag the big one!

People staying at Clover Cottage can fish the trophy dam at a cost of $40 per 1/2 dayand there are also special accommodation and fishing packages available.

The best time for  trout fishing  is in the cooler months,  which is usually  April through to October.

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Hear from our guests

11-14th Feb 2011

Magical place, we enjoyed it immensely.  Everything was as it should be- from the trout and perch deciding to take the line, to the birds and butterflies visiting the balcony/hammock.

A spot of tennis to counteract the wine and cheese and life just couldn’t get any better.

Thank you. You will definitely see us again!

Vica and Max Beaconsfield WA